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Image of Alison baking in the bread room

Our Story

Alison made her first loaf of bread in 2008, while studying speciality cake baking. Almost 10 years later and still thinking fondly of that first Pullman loaf, she began keeping a sourdough starter and casually baking with it in 2017. It wasn’t long before she realized that baking bread for people was a very cool way to spend her time. She continued to bake for her community while transitioning to a new city in 2020, where she left her moving boxes full of baking supplies, labeled “the bread room”, sitting around long enough that there was no choice but to call her workspace Breadroom Bakery.

Alison (and "the breadroom") reside in a 100+ year old house in a very charming part of Fresno, CA, with a porch just big enough for a few dozen loaves of bread (sometimes sourdough cookies) to be picked up by friends and neighbors every week. Inside the house, Alison collects cats, thrifted candlesticks and her three childrens’ artwork to hang all over the walls. Her husband and her dog are always competing for the title of Her Biggest Fan. 

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